Our Services

Here at ETA, we understand a company’s most valuable asset is their brand. The bigger a company grows, the harder it become to ensure consistency at every point of the consumer journey. Effective merchandising will enhance a brand’s exposure and increase sales. It is also extremely important for protecting and growing market share. Recent research shows that 20% if the decision to purchase is logical and based on facts and 80% is emotional. This illustrates the importance of an attractive and well executed merchandising program.

Our aim at ETA is to deliver a retail support service through quality people delivering services. We continue to build long term relationship with our customer and suppliers, with an innovative cost-effective approach to business.

World Sourcing Group take pride in offering all our clients a unique blend of professional and experienced management and hands on merchandising that is different to most if not all of our competitors.
  • Experienced Merchandising Personnel
  • Team Leaders with every group
  • Merchandise Scheduling
  • Motivated & Productive Team Players
  • Retail product Knowledge
  • Proven methods of Delivery

We deliver a consistently good service with innovative solutions on time and within budget.
  • Customer Focused Team
  • Complete finishers we always deliver the task on time
  • Flexible and adaptable to change
  • Value for money

ETA promise to deliver a consistently high quality products, through our experienced retail team who will never compromise this standard of service we offer. After order confirmation we provide complete merchandising services like
  • Pricing and order negotiation
  • Samples development and approval
  • Fabric development and approval
  • Embellishment development and approval
  • Production planning and regular update to customer

We have partnered with our clients to improve speed sales by increasing products turns and reducing our-of- stocks through our customized retail merchandising services. We understand that not every business need or solution is the same so we work with you to design a program that is tailored to your specifications. ETA is a leader in the merchandising services organization industry. Our experienced visual and retail merchandiser are skilled professional employees who dedicate themselves to knowledge of you products. They navigate the retail environment to best position your products for maximum sales. Timely analytics derive performance. Our proprietary provides real-time merchandising results and feedback so you can be proactive and stay ahead of and on top of your business. You retail merchandising program will be expertly executed to ensure all details are being completed to your satisfaction.